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GS4C srl

+39 3402629544
Corso Vercelli 57 - 20144 - Milan - Italy

GS4C started from the vision of the two founding partners, who felt the times were ready to challenge the monopoly of non-sustainable composite materials and manufacturing processes dominating the recreational industry, especially the marine: short life cycle of the racing boats associated with the impossibility to recycle them (due to their large size).

With a background in the professional sailing world they decided that there was the need for an alternative way to build composite boats with a clear end-of-life plan. Since the beginning, the aim was to make a strong impact on the industry and provide a turn-key solution for novel recyclable composite materials, hence the choice to work on a strong network of companies, each one a leader in their field of expertise, to cover the whole composites production chain (fibres, yarn, textiles, impregnation, composite parts manufacturing and their recycling once reached the end-of-life) and bring competence and industrial credibility to the offer.

In 2015 GS4C signed an agency agreement with Isomatex, the innovative enriched Basalt fiber manufacturer. The agreement grants GS4C the role of exclusive agent for Isomatex for the marine market in Europe and all sectors of the Italian market.
GS4C is owner of EU Patent N. 2759399 B.Al.i (Basalt Aluminium infusion) was developed to address the need to reduce manufacturing costs of Fiber Metal Laminates in order to foster their adoption in markets other than aerospace.

GS4C has been offered a place at Skolkovo Innovation Center, in Russia. The patented B.Al.i technology was included in the Aerospace Cluster of the Technopark and we are now finalizing the registration of a Russian legal entity to benefit from the Park facilities and network. This is for us a very exciting opportunity and we are looking forward to initiating the collaboration with the Center.