Binder may refer to: In computing: Binder Project, package and share interactive, reproducible environments File binder, software that binds files into one executable Microsoft Binder, a discontinued Microsoft Office application OpenBinder, a system for inter-process communicationIn geography: Binder, Khentii, a district of Khentii Province in eastern Mongolia Binder, an abandoned village in Germany at the site of HunnesrückIn stationery Binder (rubber band) Binder clip, a small device for holding together sheets of paper Ring binder, a device to hold together multiple sheets of paper with punched-in holesIn other uses: Binder (material), any material or substance that holds or draws other materials together Binder (surname), a surname Binder, used for breast binding Binder, a base class in the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons Binder Dijker Otte & Co., the expansion of "BDO" in BDO International Binder Twine Festival, an annual festival in Kleinburg, Ontario Phosphate binder, a medication used to reduce the absorption of phosphate Reaper-binder, a type of farm equipment
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