The future well-being of your business depends on your behavior during a period of general turbulence.

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Attracting new customers is something that most businesses cannot exist without. Those responsible for this process - marketers, executives, and sometimes owners - are now at a loss:

What to do during this crisis?

Any crisis situation is a point for growth, where you need to start with advertising.

Harvard Business Review analysts identified:
During an economic downturn, sales of companies that are actively advertised grow faster. And in any of the past crises, this trend continued.

5 reasons why you need to focus on advertising on our site right now

  • People are surfing the web: it is beneficial to you! This is the best time to establish contact with your target audience and strengthen the reputation in the eyes of your customers.
  • If you cut back on advertising, you won’t immediately return to your previous positions. After the crisis there will be an unusual and non-seasonal surge, for which you need to prepare and be the first.
  • Invest in competent “eternal” content marketing (articles, interviews, catalogs), this will give you an advantage in 3-4 months – it will become easier to search in search engines.
  • Advertising modules and advertising articles are more visible, since there is no strong competition and mass push “sideways.
  • The focus is shifting, for example, advertising on social networks, although it will become noticeably cheaper in the near future, but it is unlikely to be profitable: there will be a lot of traffic and few purchases

After all, your target audience is on Basalt.Today

Basalt.Today Services

Since 2014, Basalt.Today has been publishing news and articles on manufacturing technologies and the use of basalt fiber and composites based on it.

Average monthly visitors

Basalt.Today Services

Our audience has more than 9000 unique visitors per month, most of which are top managers and business owners, scientists and engineers.

Visitors age

Basalt.Today Services

The average age of a site visitor is from 25 to 45 years. These are the most active and educated people in the prime of their creative talents.

Paid services

We have developed an effective advertising system that will allow you to quickly and easily reach your target audience.

  • Advertising on the site (modules)
  • Integrated promotion (batch)

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Advertising is a great tool to build on your success right now, but don't forget that this is also the time to gather information and analyze the start of something new.

  • Marketing research

    We are ready to collect, analyze and sort out a huge amount of information for you on the following topics: fiber, composites, process equipment.

  • Business development

    Having the opportunity to contact the top managers of companies in the composite industry, as well as knowing their needs, we will help you find new partners.

Free services

  • Directory of companies

    All materials on the site are linked to the company and its data. You can always find a description and contact information.
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  • Publishing articles

    Informational articles are published free of charge: scientific research, comparative materials, market reviews.
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  • Publishing press releases

    We will be happy to publish if your company wants to tell the portal readers something important about itself, its product or technology.
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“I personally believe that those companies that continue to implement their digital strategy (especially in terms of content: improving conversion, awareness, and search engine optimization) will be able to recover much faster and more effectively when all this is over»
— Nick Eubanks, CEO of From the Future ©

Working more than 6 years for you, Basalt.Today has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner that guarantees high quality services.
Everyone in the composite market knows us!

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