Carbone is an Italian surname meaning coal in Italian. Notable people with the surname include: Alejandra Carbone (born 1975) Argentinian foil fencer Angelo Carbone (born 1968), Italian footballer Benito Carbone (born 1971), Italian retired football player and manager Fabio Carbone (born 1980), Brazilian race car driver Francesca Carbone (born 1968), Italian former sprinter Francesco Carbone (born 1980), Italian footballer Giovanni Bernardo Carboni or Carbone (1614-1683), Italian painter Juan Quarterone Carbone (born 1935), Argentine football player and coach Maria Carbone (1908–2002), Italian operatic soprano Paolo Carbone (born 1982), Italian footballer Paul Carbone (1894-1943), Corsican criminal Rodolfo Carbone (1928-2008), Brazilian footballer Victor Carbone (born 1992), Brazilian race car driverFictional characters: Dannii Carbone, a character on the soap opera Hollyoaks Thorn (Marvel Comics), real name Salvatore "Sal" Carbone
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